What is Angel In My Phone?

Angel In My Phone is the perfect way to keep reminders of God present in our busy electronic life. Download the Angel In My Phone app and keep a virtual Angel coin and prayer in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Choose from our selection of prayers or write your own within the app. Your chosen prayer can then be kept on your device for you to see or emailed to a friend or loved one. You can send different prayers to different people, whenever you like along with a personal message. Recipients will be able to keep your prayer to read as often as they want. Share your prayers with friends and family in just 3 steps anytime, anywhere. Simply select a contact, a prayer and send! 

There are many times when people may need a reminder of God's presence in their lives. These can be either difficult or joyous occasions. Consider sending a prayer when loved ones are:

  • Battling an illness or other medical condition
  • Grieving over the loss of a loved one
  • Deploying for military duty
  • Traveling
  • Seeking employment
  • Moving far away
  • Leaving for college
  • Expecting a baby
  • Getting married
  • Graduating
  • Starting a new endeavor

Or, send a prayer just to let someone know you are thinking about them! Whenever you send a prayer, you also have the option to send a personal message along with it.

You can also gift the entire Angel In My Phone app.

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Prayers For Your Loved Ones

Send one of our prayers - or one of your own - to a friend or loved one who may be in need of your support. Angel In My Phone is a wonderful way to let others know they are in your thoughts and prayers. Consider gifting the app as well.


"The app is amazing, what an awesome idea and so very needed in our human culture. Sometimes I need help with the words to use in prayer or how to start; this will help immensely." - Mary Ellen C.