About the App

Angel In My Phone has a simple mission – to keep reminders of God present in our busy electronic life. Religious medals, coins and tokens adorned with angels have been around for centuries serving as a symbol of protection and as a reminder of our faith. Captains of sailing vessels seldom went to sea without an angel in their pocket, and folklore says Napoleon lost his French Angel coin the day before he met his defeat at Waterloo. The practice continued through the first and second World Wars and continues to this day as we carry angels as a symbol of protection.

Angels are often given as gifts to show a family member or friend that they are in our prayers. The Angel In My Phone app modernizes this timeless tradition. You can now give a virtual Angel along with a prayer you choose or create. Those who receive your Angel and Prayer will be able to access your thoughts and reminder on their mobile device at any time.

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Whether the Angel In My Phone is for a new driver, a frequent business traveler, a loved one in the military or just a friend who needs your support, Angels represent our thoughts and prayers for their safety and God's presence in their lives.